Corporate apartments in Gothenburg

Do you need accommodation for an employee or a consultant coming to Gothenburg to work and live?

We offer both short- and long-term contracts and our apartments are affordable, fully furnished and located in all parts of Gothenburg. Our goal is that all our customers should feel at home in our apartments and we are proud to have recurring short-term tenants and tenants who have lived with us for several years. 

Warm welcome as our tenant!

Why choose us?

Living in our apartments is a flexible, homely and affordable alternative to expensive hotel rooms and private second-hand rental contracts. Our rental process is smooth, clear and flexible and we strive for continuous development to become Gothenburg’s best and most popular corporate apartment supplier.

How does it work?

Most of our customers are long-term tenants who will live and work in Gothenburg from half a year and longer, many times for several years.

You can however of course rent the apartment for as long as it suits you from minimum one month and longer.

Contact us

What type of corporate apartment do you need? We have over 100 apartments in different areas, sizes, standards and rental levels to choose from in Gothenburg and will be happy to send you a free quote.