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Affordable and comfortable alternative to hotel rooms

In Gothenburg there is a constant housing shortage. Having somewhere to live is a prerequisite when moving to a new city to work, but for many the stay in Gothenburg begins with expensive hotel solutions or temporary second hand rental contracts. We know how important it is to have a safe place to call home from day one to function well both at work and outside. Staying with us, you do not have to worry about suddenly having no place to stay due to the tenancy agreement being cancelled abruptly or that the rent suddenly is being raised drastically. We are used to working with both Swedish and foreign relocation companies and HR departments and offer clearly stated rental terms from day one, a transparent and time-effective process for both you and us.

We have over 100 furnished corporate apartments in Gothenburg in districts like Hisingen, City Centre, Gamlestaden, Olskroken, Lunden, Kålltorp, Munkebäck and Mölndal.  All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped for self-catering and are in or within a 20-minute public transport ride into Gothenburg city center. Standard, size, location and rental levels vary among our apartments. This is highly appreciated by our customers, each having different preferences and needs. Of course, our caretaker is available if something needs fixing in the apartments or if our tenants have any questions or concerns throughout the stay.

Warm welcome as a tenant at Sweden Accommodation! 

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We only rent out apartments to companies. This means that the company rents the apartment and signs the tenancy agreement on behalf of the employee residing in the apartment. A request must be sent directly by the person authorized to book an apartment at e.g. the HR department or the Relocation partner.